Chain Garage Door Opener in Ottawa, Ontario

Are you tired of the hassle of manually opening and closing your garage door, especially when it’s freezing outside? Does the thought of stepping out of your warm car after a long day at work leave you feeling exhausted? If so, it’s time to consider upgrading to a chain-drive garage door opener in Ottawa, Ontario.
We can provide numerous reasons to install one, but the key feature is convenience. 

Chain Garage Door Opener in Ottawa, Ontario

What is a Chain Garage Door Opener?

A chain-drive garage door opener is a complex system with a metal chain that pulls up the door along a track.
It is one of the most common and traditional options available.
It comprises different components, each playing a crucial role in its operation. Understanding these components will help you appreciate the efficiency and reliability of this product.

Motor Unit

Motor Unit

This is the main unit installed on the ceiling of your garage. It comprises an electronic motor that powers the opening and closing of your garage door and is available in various horsepowers.

The Chain

The Chain

This metal component connects the motor unit to the garage door. When you activate the opener, it moves the door along the track.

The Trolley

The trolley is attached to the chain, allowing it to move along the track installed to the ceiling. The trolley connected to the garage door helps pull it open or close.

The Rail or Track

The Rail or Track

With an opener installed, the track you find is installed along the ceiling, and it helps guide the movement of the trolley to open/close the garage door.

The Chain

The Controls

The chain-drive garage door opener typically comes with a wall-mounted control panel and remote controls, allowing you to operate it inside or outside the garage.

Wall Control

wall control

A garage door opener wall control is a mounted device typically located inside a garage, near the door leading into the home. It allows users to operate the garage door from a fixed location without needing a remote control.

The chain-drive opener is more than just a convenient option; it is built to last.
Its durability makes it suitable for heavy garage doors, ensuring it will serve you for years.
It is a more affordable option compared to the belt-drive garage door opener.
The main downside is that they are loud because of the metal-on-metal operation, but they remain a popular choice.

Chain Garage Door Opener Installation

How to Choose The Right Chain Garage Door Opener

Choosing the suitable chain garage door opener is essential to ensure you get a reliable and efficient opener for your garage door. Here we have some tips for you to make an informed decision:

  • First, evaluate your garage door size and weight to ensure you select the suitable horsepower motor for your chain-drive model. It will ensure you choose the right model to lift the door’s weight.
  • Another essential tip is the noise level, as chain garage door openers are noisy when used.
  • It also helps to research several brands to model as you want to invest in a reputable and reliable brand.
  • Assess the features and technology. Chain-drive openers with remote control, safety sensors, smartphone connectivity, and more are available.
  • Check the warranty and support provided.
    A longer warranty guarantees that what you buy is reliable and of high quality.
  • Also, consider the installation requirements.
    While you may opt to install it yourself, it is better to call a professional garage door openers  installer to provide you with efficiency and safety.

Call us if you are still deciding what chain-drive opener model to choose or need help installing it yourself.
Our team of technicians can help you select the right model and provide installation services.

Chain Garage Door Opener Benefits

While the chain-drive opener might not be as quiet as other models, they still do have some benefits:

  • Affordability: Chain-driven openers are generally more affordable than their counterparts, making them an attractive option for homeowners on a budget.
  • Durability: The sturdy metal chain mechanism is built to withstand heavy use and can reliably lift even the heaviest garage doors, providing long-lasting performance.
  • Suitable for Heavy Doors: If you have a heavy garage door, such as a solid wood or steel door, a chain-driven opener is an excellent choice due to its strength and ability to handle heavier loads.

Chain Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Compared to a belt-drive system, the chain-drive opener will need more frequent maintenance as follows:

  • Lubricate chains, sprockets, and moving parts every six months.
  • Inspect and tighten hardware regularly.
  • Check chain tension and adjust as needed.
  • Clean tracks and rollers to remove dirt and debris.
  • Test safety features, including auto-reverse mechanism and sensors, monthly.
  • Keep the area around the opener clear of clutter and obstructions.
  • Inspect electrical connections for damage and replace them as necessary.
  • Consider scheduling professional maintenance annually or bi-annually.

A chain-driven garage door opener in Ottawa, Ontario, is an affordable, durable, and reliable option.
If you are still deciding whether to choose this model for your home or need more guidance, contact Ottawa Garage Door & Opener for expert advice and service. 

A garage door opener installation is usually a two-person job.
First, you’ll have to lift over 400 lbs.

When installing a chain garage door opener, you must carefully plan to ensure it works efficiently and safely. Here are some steps you can follow:

Read the Manual:

Before beginning the installation process, thoroughly read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer. Familiarize yourself with the components, tools required, and installation steps to ensure proper installation.

Gather Tools and Materials:

Gather all the tools and materials needed for the installation, including a ladder, power drill, wrenches, screwdrivers, measuring tape, level, and safety goggles.

Prepare the Garage Door:

Ensure that the garage door is in good working condition and properly balanced. Check for any damage or obstructions along the tracks and rollers. If necessary, repair or replace damaged components before proceeding with the installation.

Mount the Header Bracket:

Begin by mounting the header bracket to the ceiling above the center of the garage door. Use lag screws and ensure that the bracket is securely attached to a structural support beam.

Install the Rail and Trolley:

Assemble the rail sections according to the manufacturer’s instructions and attach them to the header bracket. Next, install the trolley on the rail and secure it in place.

Attach the Motor Unit:

Mount the motor unit to the ceiling near the front of the garage, ensuring that it is aligned with the rail and trolley. Use the provided mounting hardware to ensure the motor unit is securely anchored to the ceiling.

Connect the Chain:

Attach the chain to the trolley and motor sprocket according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that the chain is tensioned correctly and aligned with the rail.

Install the Safety Sensors:

Mount the safety sensors on each side of the garage door opening, approximately six inches above the floor. Align the sensors to face each other and connect them to the motor unit using the provided wires.

Wire the Opener:

Follow the wiring diagram in the instruction manual to connect the opener to the power source and wall-mounted control panel. Test the opener to ensure that it operates smoothly and without any issues.

Adjust and Test:

Adjust the opener’s limits and force settings to ensure the garage door opens and closes properly. Test the safety features, including the auto-reverse mechanism and emergency release, to verify their functionality.

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