You went into the garage to drive your personal or commercial vehicle and the garage door cable broke. This situation is such a pain!
This problem will require a manual way to prop the garage door open, so you can safely back the vehicle out of the garage. Then, you must manually close the door and lock it.
Most garage doors are heavy and cumbersome, and they will slow you down when you’re in a hurry.
If the garage door cable is broken, then we want to come out and fix the problem!

garage door cable replacement

Understanding Garage Door Cables

The cable that powers your garage door actually has multiple uses.
A garage door cable consists of strong wire components that are entwined together for maximum strength.
Each cable is built to withstand lots of weight. While the garage door cable is primarily used as a lift cable, it is part of a complete door opening system.
The cable is anchored at the bottom corner of the garage door and runs along the edge to connect with a counterbalance spring.
When the cable breaks, the door will not function according to its design.
Another possibility is that your garage door has a retaining cable.
For the overhead garage door, this cable effectively curbs the extension spring from falling to the ground or flying through the air inside the parking area when the mechanism breaks.
A garage door broken cable repair is needed.

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What Are Common Garage Door Cable Problems?

  1. Cable wear and tear: The cables that lift and lower the garage door can become worn over time, causing them to fray or break.

  2. Misaligned cables: If the cables become misaligned, they can cause the garage door to open or close unevenly, which can put extra strain on the door and the motor.

  3. Cable rust or corrosion: Rust and corrosion can weaken the cables, making them more likely to break or snap under the weight of the garage door.

  4. Loose or broken cable drums: The cable drums are the wheels that the cables wrap around, and if they become loose or broken, they can cause the cables to slip or become entangled.

  5. Cable tension issues: If the cable tension is too loose or too tight, the garage door may not operate smoothly, or it may not open or close at all.

A garage door has extension springs.
When these springs break, increased energy will be put on the door.
This increased energy can cause serious injuries. The force is so strong that it could damage a vehicle. This is why safety cables are important. If your door has safety cables, the cables will provide protection when the springs break.

Stay Protected - Contact us for a broken cable repair

We understand that you want all components of your garage door opening system to work as they did when they were originally installed.
The best plan is to schedule a preventive maintenance program, so the door will be professionally inspected and serviced every few years.
When the garage door cable breaks, it becomes expedient to schedule same-day cable repair service and protect your door’s mechanism.
Without a working cable, the door is hard to lift.
You won’t have peace of mind that the spring tension provided by the cable will serve to counterbalance the door’s considerable weight.
Without a working cable, it takes more time to move your vehicles into or out of the garage.

Garage Door cable - FAQ's

Why Is It Important to Seek Garage Door Professional ?

Our technicians at Ottawa Garage Doors are trained to handle garage door cable replacement projects.
Professional service ensures your safety.
A malfunctioning door can be dangerous, and if it’s not repaired properly, someone can get injured.

Our technicians will help you replace your garage door cable efficiently and effectively using the proper safety procedures.


Can I replace garage door cables myself?

It is not recommended to attempt to replace garage door cables yourself, as it can be dangerous and requires specialized knowledge and tools.
It is best to hire a professional garage door technician to perform cable replacement or repair.

How long do garage door cables typically last?

The lifespan of garage door cables can vary depending on usage and environmental factors. Generally, they can last anywhere from 5-7 years.

Can I lubricate my garage door cables?

No, it is not recommended to lubricate garage door cables, as it can cause the cables to become slippery and potentially cause damage to the door or motor.
Only lubricate parts of the garage door that are recommended by the manufacturer or a professional technician.

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