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For every Automatic Garage Door opener, there will be a provision to open it manually. During Power Failure you will be in a big trouble if you are not aware on how to Open/Close the Garage Door using Manual opener. And also we should carryout Garage Door Maintenance in periodically to maintain the Garage Door and its Accessories in perfect condition, so during power failure the Garage doors can be operated manually without any issues. We as a Home owner, need to be very much familiar on how to open the Garage Door manually during unexpected power failure as Power Outage are common whenever there is a Storm. As mentioned we can open the Garage door manually even when power is not there. Here are the some simple steps to follow to open the Garage door manually.


As a First thing, check whether the Door is in closed state and please note that the Automatic Opener should not be disconnected while the Garage door is Open, as it may result in damaging the door or serious injury.  After checking this, just disconnect the Garage door from the Automatic Door Opener. To disconnect the opener just pull down an emergency cord.

Open and Close the Door Manually

Once disconnecting the Garage door from the Automatic Opener, you can now able to open the door manually. To prevent injury and damages, just check whether door is in stable position when you leave it and it does not fall back. Once opening the Garage door, you can access the Garage. Close the Garage door manually until it reaches the floor base and manually lock it to keep the intruders away. You can either reconnect the automatic door opener or reconnect it once the power is back. Please note that when you are reconnecting the Door Opener, the manual lock should be removed to avoid damage to both Garage door and Automatic Door opener. If you face any issue while manual work like locking/unlocking the Door, engaging/disengaging the door opener, opening/closing the garage door, please contact a Garage door specialist nearby your locality, to check the issue and do the Garage Doors Repair then and there and to avoid any further major issues to the Garage Door. We can also install the Automatic Door opener with battery back up to avoid any inconvenience during power outage, so as we can operate the Garage Door using this automatic door opener using the backup power during the Power Failure.

How to Reconnect a Garage Door Opener After a Power Outage

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