Enhancing Your Ottawa Home with Aluminum Garage Door Capping

Garage Door Capping transform your garage door into a fortress, as this sleek armor repels water, blocks rust, and fights wear, keeping your door looking sharp and functioning smoothly for years to come.

Protect & Seal Your Garage Door Frame With Garage Door Capping

When safeguarding your home against the elements, upgrading to aluminum capping around doors and windows is a popular choice.
Yet, when considering your home’s visual impact and protection, focusing on the garage door is crucial.
At Ottawa Garage Doors, we recommend investing in aluminum garage door wrapping for its aesthetic and structural benefits, providing a lasting solution for your home exterior. 

Garage door aluminum wrapping

Understanding Aluminum Garage Door Capping

Aluminum capping involves tailor-cut aluminum installed to shield the wooden frame of your garage door.
This protective layer, applied as wrapping or sheathing, covers the entire door frame, creating a seamless seal at the edges.
The primary goal is to shield wooden frames, jambs, and window sills from moisture and weather damage.  

Beyond its defensive role, it also adds a polished aesthetic to your home’s exterior, reducing the need for regular painting and maintenance.
Essentially, aluminum capping is a smart, long-term investment to enhance both the durability and curb appeal of your garage.

The Advantages of Garage Door Capping

Investing in garage door capping brings numerous benefits, making it a wise financial decision for your home’s exterior. 


Preservation of Wood Garage Door Frame

Aluminum capping effectively seals and protects the wooden door frame, preventing cracks and damage caused by weather.
It’s a durable solution that ensures longevity and eliminates worries about wood rot. 


Enhanced Aesthetics, Improved Curb Appeal

Modern homes require modern protection for their exteriors; the same applies to garage doors. Damaged frames can diminish the overall appeal of your home, but aluminum capping improves visual aesthetics, boosting curb appeal—a valuable investment for any homeowner. 


Low Maintenance Costs, No More Painting

With aluminum capping, forget about the hassle of annual painting and sealing.
The material doesn’t rust, even in Canadian weather, and the factory paint, available in various colors, resists fading from sunlight and road salt. Enjoy vibrant aesthetics without the need for constant maintenance. 


Energy Efficiency

The garage door often constitutes a significant portion of a home’s front facade, leading to potential energy loss.
Aluminum capping acts as a seal, reducing heat loss in winter and preventing cool air from escaping in summer.
It translates to lower energy consumption and increased efficiency for your home. 


Cost-Effective Alternative

Using aluminum capping is more cost-effective than replacing an entire garage door frame.
It offers the same protective benefits without breaking the bank. 

Professional Installation for Optimal Results

For the best results, always entrust garage door capping to a professional.
At Ottawa Garage Doors, our experienced technicians handcraft each capping to order, ensuring a custom fit for every door frame.
Professional installation guarantees a flawless finish, enhancing the overall appearance of your home.

Ottawa Garage Doors has been a trusted provider of garage door capping services in Ottawa and the surrounding areas for two decades.
Explore our expertise in designing, building, and installing modern garage doors for homes of all sizes.

Visit our pages on wood garage doors and garage door repair to discover the comprehensive solutions we offer.  

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