Enhance Your Garage with Ottawa Garage Doors Wall Mount Openers

Do you need a garage door opener but face limitations due to ceiling space constraints? Ottawa Garage Door Company has the perfect solution for you – our wall-mount garage door openers.

Say goodbye to the challenges of overhead space and welcome the convenience and space-saving design of our premium wall-mount openers.  


Choose Your Wall Mount Opener

We are proud to offer LiftMaster Wall Mount professional series garage door openers.


Elite Series DC Battery Backup Wall Mount Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

Elite Series DC Battery Backup Wall Mount Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

  • No cable tension monitor means easier installation.
  • Sleek and modern design frees up space in the garage.
  • Fast, smooth operation – even for tall and heavy doors. Nearly silent and vibration-free.
  • Remote LED lighting gives full garage light coverage. Ability to add up to sixteen 827LM remote work lights.
  • Battery backup ensures access in the case of power loss.


Light-Duty Commercial Door Operator for Sectional Doors

Light-Duty Commercial Door Operator for Sectional Doors 

  • Wallmount with smaller, lighter sectional doors with light-duty cycle requirements.
  • Rated Duty Cycle: Maximum 10 cycles per hour; Fewer than 25 cycles per day.
  • Wall mount on small sectional doors.
  • Easily connect the operator to the facility’s network with built-in Wi-Fi®.

Unique Features of Wall Mount Door Openers

Compared to traditional overhead openers, wall-mounted options offer unique advantages.
They eliminate the need for belts or chains, ensuring smooth and flawless operation.
The compact design takes up minimal space, making them the ideal choice for garages with low ceilings. 

Why Opt for a Wall-Mounted Door Opener?

  • Do you have limited ceiling space? A wall-mounted opener is the perfect solution.
  • Is low garage height preventing an overhead opener? Choose a wall mount, like a jackshaft, for optimal performance.
  • Free up ceiling space for additional storage and enhance the overall aesthetics of your garage.
  • Our expertise extends to top brands like Chamberlain and Liftmaster, ensuring your compatible needs.  

Precision Measurements for the Right Fit

Contact Ottawa Garage Doors today, and our dedicated team will take precise measurements to ensure the perfect fit for your garage.
We specialize in Chamberlain or Liftmaster products, offering a tailored selection to meet your unique requirements.  

Comprehensive Services for Your Garage Door Needs

Whether you’re seeking installation, maintenance, or repairs for your wall-mounted garage door opener, Ottawa Garage Doors Repair has you covered.
Our experienced technicians are ready to provide superior service, adhering to all specifications with precision.

Transform your garage with Ottawa Garage Doors’ wall-mount openers – where innovation meets reliability.
Contact us now for expert installations, regular maintenance, and efficient repairs.
Elevate your garage experience with our space-saving and high-performance solutions.  

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