Torquemaster System Garage Door Conversion

Ottawa Garage Doors & Openers provides homeowners with reliable garage door assistance. These services include Torquemaster spring conversion services, which can immediately improve the garage door's function and make it operate quieter.

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Professional Torquemaster Spring Conversion in Ottawa

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A Torquemaster spring conversion gives you a reliable and quiet garage door operation.
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Torquemaster Springs: What Are They?

The spring is unique compared to your torsion spring, as you find it enclosed in a tube. The torque bar on the inside tube twists and stores/releases the energy to help open and close the door.

The innovative design helps prevent risk and injury if it happens to break.
It also provides less wear and tear on the springs as it has a protective tube.

Still, the springs in the past faced severe concerns:

  • A Torquemaster spring is hidden, making it difficult to see if the garage door is damaged and needs repair.
  • Another concern with the spring is that maintenance is tricky, as you cannot access it easily.
  • When you need to replace a garage door spring, you will need to replace the whole torque system, which can be costly.
  • People also noticed a quality decline of system components due to thinner cables, plastic drums, and a smaller bearing plate, which led to premature damage.

But things have changed over the years, providing you with more robust Torquemaster springs with loads of benefits.

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The Benefits of TorqueMaster Spring Conversions to Torsion Spring System

torsion spring vs TorqueMaster Spring

If you have old or damaged Torquemaster springs that need replacement, we can help. We highly recommend converting them. If you are wondering if the springs need attention, you can contact us to have them inspected.
Our garage door team will convert the spring system to durable torsion springs to provide exceptional benefits as follows:

  • The springs are made of durable steel material with easy visual inspection access and straightforward door maintenance.
  • The garage door will operate quieter to make things more comfortable in the neighbourhood and around the home.
  • The garage door lifespan increases, providing a longer lifespan and more cost-effective.
  • You can feel assured you will have safer garage door operations due to the fewer moving parts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Doing a DIY Torquemaster spring conversion yourself is risky if you do not have the skills, proper tools, or training. We recommend you stay safe and contact an experienced garage door technician to help install a torsion spring. You can schedule an appointment with us today.

At Ottawa Garage Doors & Openers, we can help you find the best garage door spring resources and information to help you determine what will work best for you. Contact one of our technicians today to discuss what spring will work best on your garage door.

If you have the Wayne Dalton garage door, it is likelier to have Torquemaster springs. We recommend checking to see if you have black springs running horizontally above the door. If you do, it is not Torquemaster Springs. Still, if you are unsure and interested in a Torquemaster spring conversion, call us to assist.

Immediate Solutions for Garage Door Emergencies

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