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Are you having problems with your garage door rollers? The rollers may be missing, rusted, broken, or jammed. Then, it is time to have them replaced. Ottawa Garage Door & Openers is here to help.

The garage door rollers are essential in working with the springs, hinges, and cables to keep the door functioning.
The garage door does not operate smoothly or quietly when worn or missing. Those rollers can prevent the door from opening or closing even when bent or broken.

Replacing the garage door rollers yourself is a safety risk and is best left to the professionals. 

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Doing a DIY garage door roller replacement may be simple. Still, without the correct tools and training, it can be a safe task, leading to serious injury.
Ottawa Garage Door repair company advises that professionals in garage door repairs should perform it. 

We Handle Different Types of Garage Door Roller Repairs

Garage doors come with different types of rollers and vary in model, manufacturer, and age. Here are examples of various types of garage door rollers our technicians can repair:

  • Plastic Rollers – These are popular low-cost rollers made of plastic with a ball bearing on the stem. It has the shortest lifespan and often needs replacing.
  • Steel Rollers – The roller offers improved operation with added ball bearings but needs lubrication to continue smooth operation. You will find that it can still result in noise to some extent when the steel roller moves over a steel track.
  • Nylon Rollers – The roller can outlast a steel roller and provide a quiet operation. The ball bearing is made of high-quality nylon to prevent it from wearing out.
    The quiet operation helps reduce stress when using an automated opener as it travels along a steel track. 

Furthermore, the roller length and material will vary on the stem and are referred to as long or short-stem rollers.
The size also differs as it depends on the door’s increased size.
Residential rollers are typically two inches, but you can see some three inches in diameter. 

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