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Downtown Ottawa Garage Door Service

Downtown Ottawa Garage Door Service

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Whether your garage door opens can be operated manually or through an automatic mechanism, the rules of servicing remain the same : at the very least, have the door inspected by a competant technician, and make sure you engage a reliable company that provides an honest assessment.

Local Garage Door Service

Our Downtown Ottawa garage door service ticks all the right boxes, saving you inconvenience and money, while assuring you a positive experience.
Local residents rate our mobile service highly on response time, quality of workmanship and professional attitude.

Importance of annual or bi-annual Downtown Ottawa garage door service

  • Timely diagnosis of issues that need immediate fixing
  • No risk of garage door failure and crash
  • Simple replacements and tune-ups save money in the long run
  • Weather stripping garage doors improves the energy efficiency of your garage
  • You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your garage door is effectively safeguarding your vehicle

Garage door servicing

Garage door servicing involves a number of inspections and is always accompanied by expert diagnosis when issues are spotted.
Our technician will perform a visual inspection, a door balance test, reversing mechanism test and force setting test.
Lubrication of hinges, rollers and tracks are also included in the service plan.

Garage door tune-up

Downtown Ottawa Garage DoorA garage door tune-up is recommended once every six months.
They can reveal worn-out parts, misaligned tracks, and other issues for timely fixes and installations.
A scheduled tune-up is the easiest way to extend the life of your garage door, and avoid any unexpected breakdown that may require emergency service.

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