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Garage Door Danger

Garage Door Danger

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Most homes in the Canada have some type of garage attached and homeowners need to understand the type of security hazards these garages could pose.
A modern garage door is generally is one of the largest mechanical devices in a home and it could turn deadly if you fail to maintain and operate it correctly.
This is why there are several regulations governing the safety of garage doors, and homeowners must be aware of their responsibilities.

Door openers sold before 1993

garage door danger

In 1993, the federal Consumer Products Safety Commission set strict rules governing the safety standards of new garage doors.
According to the ruling, every garage door needed to be equipped with some form of safety sensor or infrared eyes.
These sensors are designed to tell the door to reverse when there is something in the door’s path.
This regulation is crucial as it prevents garage doors from accidentally injuring or even killing unsuspecting children and pets that may stray onto the path of an open garage door.
If your door was manufactured before 1993, an upgrade may be necessary.
It is necessary to check the functioning of these sensors or electric eyes on a monthly basis to ensure that they are working fine.

DIY Garage Door repair

garage door danger

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DIY enthusiasm is well and good but DIY repair is not possible for your entire garage door.
We recommend that homeowners can wash or paint their garage doors as it is a relatively easy process, but you should never try to replace the springs by yourself unless you have some type of experience of working with springs.
This is particularly true of torsion springs which are capable of jumping out at you if you do something incorrectly.

The main issue lies with misdiagnosing the problem and making a bad situation worse.
Rather than causing you any bodily harm, this could cost you a lot of time and money in the long run.
Untrained technicians are also liable to use incorrect tools that could break the garage door and result in unwanted bodily harm.
You could also accidentally do something that leads to a falling garage door, and if it falls directly on a living thing, it can easily lead to a fatality.

Having an old spring

garage door spring repair ottawa

Garage door springs should ideally be replaced every 5-7 years based on the spring’s wear and tear.
When you need to replace your spring is wholly dependent on how much your garage door has been used.
You need to check the strength of your spring every 2-3 months to check for any signs stress and damage.
Ideally, you need to ask a technician to check the health of your spring every 3-4 years to provide you with a professional opening about the spring’s health.

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