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Garage Door Won’t Open

Garage door Won't Open

Regular maintenance of your garage door and its various mechanical and structural components will help in not only ensuring its proper functioning but also minimizing any potential risk of falls and such. Despite your efforts to keep your garage door running properly, there might be instances when it just won’t budge. That being said, here are a few common reasons why your garage door might not be opening properly.

Garage doors are equipped with torsion springs that enable the user to pull the door up or shut it down. One of the most common complaints that are often registered with garage door repair companies is a breakage of the torsion springs. Since they are tightly coiled, the torsion springs emit a loud bang when snapped. As such if you doubt that the torsion spring might be broken, you must never try to open the door on your own.

Major reason why garage doors might not open

Another major reason why garage doors might not open properly is blocked or damaged rollers. Since your garage door essentially operates on these door rollers, a blockage of debris, dust or grime might interfere with its normal functioning. Also, even the slightest of physical damages to the rollers will cause a misalignment of the door and a consequent problem with its opening.

In many cases, the garage door will not work also if its limits are misaligned and need a little adjustment. You can either make the adjustments yourself or hire a professional for the same.


Garage Door Won’t Close

Garage Door Won't Close  

Proper installation as well as maintenance of garage doors are essential for ensuring both their performance and safety. Malfunctioning garage doors can prove to be a major hazard in the sense that they can end up causing catastrophic damage to life and property if they undergo a free fall. That said, if your garage door is not closing properly, you must immediately call up a garage door repair service in your area and get the problem fixed without delay. But first let us understand the various different components that contribute to the proper closing of garage doors.

Door Sensors

Modern garage doors are equipped with safety sensors to ensure greater safety of the users. Located at the bottom side of the garage door, these sensors send out beams of infra-red light to sense the presence of any object in the way of the door. Since, the beams are exchanged directly between the sensors, an improper alignment of the devices might cause the garage door to not close properly. As such, you might want to first check your garage door sensors and clean up any debris or spider webs that might be causing the problem.


In some cases, the tracks or rollers of your garage door might be the underlying reason behind it not closely properly. When the rollers or tracks get clogged with dirt, debris or road salt, they might ultimately make it difficult for the door to close completely.


Another reason for your garage door to not close properly might be a misalignment of the limits of your garage door opener. As such a little adjustment to the limits might be able to get things right back on track.

Garage door won’t stay down

Another common garage door complaint that is relatively easy to fix is that the garage door does not stay down in a fixed shut position. In a majority of the cases, the problem may be a result of an improper alignment of the limits of the garage door opener. The limits are responsible for ensuring that the door is properly closed or open.

Garage door won't stay down When the limits are off, the door opener doesn’t stop when the door hits the ground and tries to make it go further down. Registering the ground as an obstruction, the garage door sensors are activated and consequently pull the door upwards to avoid any potential mishap. As a result of which, the door doesn’t stay down in a fixed shut position.


In this case, you can either read the garage door manual and try to make adjustments to the limits yourself or hire a professional garage door repair company to do it for you.

If your garage door comprises of sophisticated machinery and components, it is always a better idea to leave the repair work to professionals who have prior experience of handing such models before.

Garage door sensors

Since most garage doors are now equipped with automatic safety sensors, any external object in the way of the door will also cause it to not shut properly or stay down. When the sensors detect an obstacle in the path of the door, they reverse the action and cause the door to go back up instead of falling down. In this case, simply removing the said object from the door’s path with fix the issue instantly.



Garage door won’t stay closed

How to Troubleshoot a Garage Door That Won’t Open

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