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Why it is Important to Repair Garage Door Before The Winter

While most people keep their winter preparations in place by shutting off their swimming pools and retrieving any outdoor furniture to the inside, they often neglect the seasonal prep for their garage doors. The cold and harsh weather during the winter months can be quite unforgiving on your garage door that is constantly exposed to the chilly blizzards and relentless snowfalls. Here are a few compelling reasons as to why you must ensure proper maintenance and servicing of your garage doors before the winter.

Garage door insulation

It goes without saying that your garage door forms a major chunk of an exterior wall that guards your home against cold winds and rainfall. That being said, a garage door can be a major access point for the cold to enter the inside of your home. Insulating your garage door before the winter can be a great way of keeping the indoor temperature warm and enhancing the efficiency of your home’s heating system.

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Weather Stripping

Another effective way of keeping the harsh weather elements out of your home during the relentless winter season is weather stripping your garage door. If you already have a weather stripping installed on your garage door, it might be worthwhile to check for any damages and duly fix them before the winter appears in full swing. Weather stripping will not only guard your home against cold winds but also keep off snow and moisture from entering your garage area.

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Adequate lubrication

You must make sure to lubricate the various moving parts and hinges of your garage door before the winter to ensure that it opens and closes smoothly and does not cause you any trouble in bad weather. Some of the parts of a garage door that you must pay special attention to include rollers, springs, cables, hinges and openers that can easily get rusted or jammed through recurrent usage and lack of proper maintenance.

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Floor Protection

Apart from fixing any damages to your garage door, you must also ensure to prepare the floor of the storage space in your garage to restrict any weather-induced damages. You can go for sealing or waterproofing of your garage floors to protect them against the ill effects of tracking mud, slush, salt and ice during the winter. In addition to damaging your floor, the winter debris can also wreak havoc on any items that you might have stored on the garage floor.

And, if your garage door is already damaged beyond repair, it is a good idea to invest in a new one and get it installed before the full-blown winter hits your neighbourhood to ensure maximum protection of your home against the relentless weather elements.

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