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Faulty Garage Door

Faulty Garage Door

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4 Painless Fixes for a Faulty Garage Door

A problematic Faulty garage door can cause a host of problems — from water leaks to security concerns.
Here are a few of the most common Faulty garage door-related problems and some inexpensive ways to fix them.

Problem: Your garage door won’t open or close.

garage door won’t openSolution: First, check the electronic keypad.
Keys become stuck or damaged due to moisture, age and use.
If your keypad doesn’t work, use your remote garage door opener to open or close the door.
If the door works with your remote opener, your keypad is broken.
If neither the keypad nor the remote opener works, it’s likely that the motor receiver (or the motor itself) is broken.
Ottawa Garage Door pro will diagnose the problem and recommend a solution. 

TIPMain Reasons Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

Problem: Your garage door jams when opening or closing.

garage door jams Solution: in case garage door stops while opening or closing, you may have a mechanical issue.
Start by lubricating the rollers — the small wheels that fit into the track — with WD40.
Next, clear any blockage or rust from the track and look for off-track rollers.
If you notice a broken roller, call a licensed pro to reset your garage door.

Problem: Your garage door leaks during storms.

garage door leaksSolution: If your garage is wet after after a storm, it’s usually the sign of a faulty door seal.
To stop leaks, simply replace your older seal with a newer model.
Make sure your replacement is the correct size (always measure the width of your garage door before making a purchase).

If leaks continue, call Ottawa Garage Door professional. Constant garage leaks can damage other parts of your home.

Problem: Your garage door slides down (or up) by itself.

Garage Door Won't Close

Solution: A garage door that won’t stay open or closed is most likely suffering from faulty extension springs.
If your door slides down, your springs are too weak or worn.
Likewise, if your garage door slides up, your springs are too strong.
The correct spring tension is related to the height and weight of your garage door.
If you’re unsure about which springs to choose, have a pro help you match the right springs to your door.


Credit : HomeAdvisor

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